Professional Development

I am excited to be sharing Nearpod with the staff at Nash Elementary.  This web resource has so much potential.  I love to use it with my first graders.  It helps engage students and even has the capability to take us outside of the classroom with virtual reality trips that we can plug directly into the lesson.  I have outlined a plan for the implementation at Nash.

The first session is where I plan to get everyone excited about Nearpod.  During this session, all staff K-Second grade will be present.  Each staff member will participate in a nearpod as a student.  I will show them many features they can use in their classrooms.  The goal of this presentation is to get the staff excited and to start thinking about the possibilities of using this tool in their classrooms.
We will participate in a live version, but if you would like to revisit you can always revisit using the student-paced version. Please use the code: COFXV to access it later as a student.
After the first session, my plan is to meet with each grade level during their team planning meeting and for us to create a nearpod specific to them and their current needs.  My plan is to start with Kindergarten due to I can see the most concern from teachers using it with the youngest students on our campus.  After building a nearpod for a specific lesson with the teachers, I will push in during the lesson to help assist.  After each teacher has taught the lesson, we will reconvene to discuss how it went and what we would do differently.  I will get them started on building another lesson during this session as well.  My hope is to get one really motivated teacher in each grade level and to slowly have them step into my role for their grade level.  After Kindergarten, I will work my way through the next few grades with second grade being last.

Our district has purchased Nearpod for classroom teachers to use.  When the district purchases it, we are then allowed to share our lessons with one another.  We can share them just with our school, but we can also share them with other teachers in the district.  My goal is to have my school lead the way with sharing our lessons first with one another in our school portal, but hopefully, within the second semester, we will begin sharing with other teachers in our district.

To continue the collaboration among grade levels, we will post to a shared padlet about our successes and different ways we use the tool.

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