4DX Model

The 4DX model feels like home for me.  My school is a Leader in Me school and was recently named a Lighthouse school by Franklin Covey.  We work towards our wildly important goals all year long.  Along the way, we track our lag and lead measures and celebrate our victories.  I feel like implementing my blended learning initiative will go over more smoothly with using the 4DX because so many of the teachers on my campus understand this process and the vocabulary.

Stage 1: Getting Clear

WIG: All grade levels and all subject areas at Nash Elementary will use blended learning as standard instruction in their classrooms by May of 2019.

Lag Measure: Implement blended learning daily.

Lead Measure: Teachers will meet weekly to collaborate and share and compare how they implement a blended learning environment.

Stage one is all about setting clear goals.  Everyone on the team needs to understand what the goals are and how we plan on meeting or exceeding the goal.

Stage 2: Launch

Launching can be tricky due to the whirlwind of day to day duties.  In the beginning, some will push back and others will be more willing to change.  For this to be successful the administrators will need to stay focused.  Continue to implement the process and identify our resisters as well as our motivators.

Stage 3: Adoption

In the beginning, we will focus more on the process and not the results yet.  We will work on accountability during our weekly staff meetings.  We will discuss progress during this period as well.  We will pair a motivator with a resister as well.

Stage4: Optimization

This stage to me is mostly about celebrating.  On our campus, we celebrate the milestones along the way towards meeting our goal.  We will continue to work towards our goals and celebrate our successes.

Stage 5: Habits

Eventually, this all will become a habit.  When we do reach our goal, we will set a new goal to continue our growth.

The 4DX is very similar to the influencer model.  I feel like lead measures relate a lot to your vital behaviors in the influencer model.  Also, a big piece of the influencer model is accountability and the social aspect.  The 4DX needs the accountability piece as well.  The motivators help the resistors.

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