Influencer Model

By the 2018-2019 school year: All grade levels and all subject areas at Nash Elementary will use blended learning as standard instruction in their classrooms.

To accomplish this goal, we will use three vital behaviors:

  1. Teachers will implement a station rotation model once a week with one station being some form of self-paced learning.
  2. Teachers will use their data from the online curriculum to group students based on their needs and will pull them in small groups to teach to their needs.
  3. Teachers will meet weekly to collaborate and share and compare how they use the station rotation model.


All of the administrators at Nash Elementary as well as the teachers and students will help and encourage each other.

The Six Sources of Influence

Personal Motivation

  • Teachers will be more effective by implementing the station rotation model.
  • Teachers will provide more individualized instruction.

Personal Ability

  • Teachers will complete a book study on the book Blended.
  • Teachers will receive training on technology and different apps they can use during their station rotation model.

Social Motivation

  • Teachers will be able to observe one another using the station rotation model.
  • The administration will encourage teachers to observe and grow in the model.

Social Ability

  • Teachers will meet weekly to collaborate, share, and compare how they are using the station rotation model.

Structural Motivation

  • In our workroom, we will have a shout board.  Teachers can share how they are using the model or they can share something they observed.  Administrators will choose two names off of the board at staff meetings to reward them with a jeans pass.

Structural Ability

  • Teachers have the devices to complete the station rotation model.


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