Implementation Plan

I am hoping to implement the blended learning model at my school, Nash Elementary. To gather more information you can look here for my innovation plan and here for my literature review.

Blended Learning Implementation Plan for Nash Elementary

Identify the academic needs that the blended learning program will be designed to address.
Identify blended learning models.
Set measurable goals.

Identify teachers who will participate in year one implementation
Identify content to meet needs of the program.
Determine how content will be acquired.

Begin offering professional development.
Professional development on purchased content.
Work on new schedule for semester two.
Identify data to be collected.

Professional development continues.
Begin blended learning lessons.

Continue blended lessons.
Continue any professional development.

Review progress towards meeting school goals.
Model and share best teaching practices.
Analyze data to inform instruction.
Begin recruiting teachers for the following year.

Evaluate progress and meet with blended learning team to address new goals for the following year.

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