Wrapping Up My Learning for Digital Citizenship

I’m completing the last week and the last few assignments for the digital citizenship class I am currently enrolled in.  This class was tough and kept me very busy each week.  I learned a lot and enjoyed a few weeks more than a few others.  I want to share with you what I enjoyed, what I learned, and even a few tips if you find yourself enrolled in this class.

  • What did I learn about digital citizenship?
    • I learned a lot.  I already knew the term digital footprint, but I had never heard of the term digital tattoo.  I loved that term due to the fact it really drives home the definition of a digital footprint.  It’s extremely difficult to remove.  I also learned about the nine elements of digital citizenship.  The elements are broad, but they cover everything even in an ever-changing technological world.  A few of the elements were more feasible to me and my first-grade classroom.  I also learned about net neutrality which is making sure that everyone has equal access to the internet.
  • What was my biggest accomplishment in the course?
    • Honestly completing this entire course was my biggest accomplishment.  I remember looking at the syllabus the first week and thinking I don’t know if I can complete this course and start back to school at the same time.  It was a tremendous amount of work each week, and I did it.  I’m still working on my final assignment which includes my brand and presentation.  I love to make videos, and making a video that I can use with my students is exciting.  I’m sure I will be very proud of it.
  • What challenges did you face in this course?
    • I faced many challenges.  This course has a large workload.  It was one of the heaviest workloads I have had in this program at this point.  I also was beginning the school year which includes stress as well.  My tip is to get the discussion board and the quiz done as early as you can in the week.  That leaves you the rest of the week to complete the other pieces.
  • What was your best work for the course and explain why it was your best?  What did you learn by creating it?
    • Honestly, I think my journals were some of the best work I did for this course.  It made me think back each week on what all I had learned, what stuck with me the most.  I also tried to find graphics that would further help explain what I had learned.  I also feel like others could read my journals and learn something which is important!
  • How does what you learned through this course connect to your outside the classroom experiences?
    • This course gave us a few case studies that placed us in a technology officer role.  We had to think about how we would handle the situation.  I learned that there will be instances where I will need to make decisions that may be tough.  I will need to involve others in different cases as well.  Some of the weeks also had me thinking as a parent on how I would handle different situations especially last week when we studied cyberbullying.
  • What was the most useful thing I learned in this course?
    • I think the cyberbullying week stuck with me the most.  We as teachers and parents have to be super responsive and listen to our children.  I learned in one case that if we think it will just get better, we may end up regretting that decision.  I also feel like it is super important that we teach our children empathy and how to help others even if it’s just a smile.  Kindness goes a long way.
  • What have you learned in this course that will help you continue to grow as an educational leader?
    • I think most of the course made me think of myself as more than a teacher.  I had to put myself in situations and think about how I would handle it.  The copyright week was the toughest week, but it also will be beneficial to know the terms we learned during that week as an educational leader in my district.
  • What was your favorite aspect of this course? Why?
    • I thoroughly enjoyed the videos.  I am a visual learner, and an engaging video or engaging speaker speaks to me more so than a textbook.  My favorite week was last week and listening to Monica Lewinsky.  Her Ted Talk spoke to me on so many levels.
  • What suggestions would you give to other students on ways to get the most out of this course?
    • I think reading and watching the videos earlier on in the week will help you process and answer the questions and essays with more detail.  I also highly suggest working on a piece each day and not letting the workload pile up on you.  It’s a lot.  Work on it daily.
  • If you could change any one of the activities you did for this course which one would it be?
    • Honestly, this last week with the wrap-up project is really tough.  I want to spend time on my presentation, but I have a five to six-page paper to go along with the presentation.  I would rather work on the brand/mantra and the presentation.  Maybe it’s because academic writing is my kryptonite.
  • What will you say, if you have a chance to speak to your friends, about this course?
    • It’s the toughest course in the program.  You will learn a lot, but be prepared to work a lot as well.  Work a little each week, and also begin to work on the final project earlier on.

Final thoughts…….I learned a lot, and I worked a lot.

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