Online Courses

In my current graduate class, I had to create an online course.  I found this to be a bit difficult in the beginning.  I teach first graders, and I wasn’t real sure how to make this user-friendly for them.  After working diligently, I think it turned out pretty well.  I feel like this could be helpful in some of our units.

We are currently working on past, present, and future and how technology has changed things over the years.  I use a lot of books, videos, and graphics to teach this unit.  This would lend itself pretty easily to an online course.  Students could complete a lot of the pieces during their station rotation.  They could share their learning on a padlet.  They could also create a venn diagram comparing different things such as how transportation has changed over the years.

It makes me a little nervous to create a course for reading because they are learning how to read, and most of that includes direct teaching.  We are currently learning about research and how to research.  I think this unit could be made into an online course.  I could push out links to articles that are easy for them to read as well as videos.  They could share facts they have found on the discussion board.  They could also create digital posters about the animal they researched and share with one another on a padlet.  They could comment on one another’s poster by sharing one thing they learned about another student’s project.

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