Professional Learning Networks

I have participated in professional networks for a few years now.  I believe participating in these networks has been some of the best professional development I have ever been a part of.  I am able to communicate with other teachers across the country that are willing to share their ideas they have practiced in their classrooms.  Twitter and Facebook have been one of the easiest ways to connect with other educators.  Who knew social media could be used for professional development?

I have found many educators as well as instructional coaches on Twitter that are sharing how they use technology in their classrooms.  I have participated in the following chats and lurked on several other chats.

  1. #ecechat:  This chat is for early childhood educators.  They discuss stem, technology, and other trends relevant to lower elementary.
  2. #seesawchat: This is my favorite chat.  I have been using the app, Seesaw, in my classroom for a couple of years.  I love it because it gives students a voice.  They have so many options to share their learning and it also connects their parents to their learning.  This chat has teachers from all over that share different ways they use the app.  It has been amazing.
  3. #edtechchat:  This group is full of instructional technologist.  They share new technology ideas as well as some tried and true.  I learned about the SAMR model because of this chat.

I have also followed a few hashtags to help stay current or to see what is going on at conferences I was not able to attend.  I have followed #iste17, #tcea17,#tceatots, and #iplza17.  Following these hashtags I have found other educators to connect with as well.

Facebook Groups

  1. Techwithus:   This group consists of teachers and coaches that use technology in innovative ways.  They share new ideas, and teachers are able to ask questions.  I have learned a lot from this group.
  2. Seesaw Teachers:  Again, I love this app. This group has over 12,000 educators participating daily.  They share ideas, and media regarding how they use the app in different grade levels.
  3. Fearless First Grade Teachers:  This group consists of first grade teachers sharing different things they do in their classrooms daily.

TCEA        I am a TCEA member as well.  I have found this to be very helpful!  I joined the group: iPads in the classroom.  It has been wonderful.  I receive emails frequently with a list of apps that have gone on sale or are free for a short period of time.  Lori Gracey, executive director for TCEA, creates a post and sends an email for anyone that has joined this group.  I have learned a lot, and used some of the apps she has suggested.

Professional learning networks can connect you to others.  I think this is important because imagine the things you can learn from others that are from different places with different experiences.  I do consume more than I contribute unfortunately.  I believe my fixed mindset has kept me from contributing more, but I am a work in progress and hope to work on contributing more.

My Professional Learning Networks  

#ECEchat #seesawchat #edtechchat. Early childhood educator chat is for lower level elementary teachers to discuss different topics. Seesaw chat is for teachers that use the app to discuss different ways to use it. Edtech chat is full of information as well as tips and tricks.  

Techwithus is a group of innovative educators that use technology.  They offer tips and tricks, and answer questions.

Offers many tips and tricks.  You can join groups regarding the technology you have in your classroom.  They have discussion boards for members to communicate.


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